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Uvero Alto Beach!

Playa Uvero Alto is located at the northernmost tip of Punta Cana, this bright white to golden sand beach is long, wide and has wild waves that are perfect for body boarding and surfing fun in some parts.

Life revolves around the beach in Uvero Alto. Relax in the hot, sunny, and dry climate of the Dominican Republic on one of the fabulous beaches located on the 35-mile (56-kilometer) coastline and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this part of the country. Dip your feet into the soft white sand, take a dip in the warm, sparkling turquoise water, and watch the boats float on the horizon. Take refuge from the midday sun under the palm trees that are next to the beach. Sunsets are unforgettable in this region, as the sun emits a reddish-orange glow in the cloudless sky.

Uvero Alto Beach offers a secluded location and excellent options for swimming and watching the sunset. You can also practice water sports and other more lively activities. Here you can windsurf, swim with snorkel and go horse riding.

You will find several resorts on Uvero Alto beach, as well as restaurants and bars. Swimming here requires caution due to the undertow, particularly along deserted stretches away from the resorts. Swimming near the shore will allow you to safely enjoy this beautiful stretch and its active turquoise waters.

With golden sand and crystal clear waters, the beach looks unspoiled and charming. It is important that you bear in mind that there are fewer reefs here than on other beaches, so the swell is higher. In fact, many are those who go to Uvero Alto to practice surfing. What’s more, some schools can be found on the beach. As we have mentioned, its tourist offer is less than that offered by other beaches, although you can find some resorts and hotel complexes facing the sea.

In addition to the good things that it offers us and that visitors and people who live here and come can enjoy it with little money.

This region has a very pleasant warm climate, with temperatures that remain between 25 ° C and 28 ° C (77 ° F and 82 ° F) throughout the year, which makes Uvero Alto a very attractive destination for a beach vacation all year round.

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