Seaquarium Water Park, Punta Cana!

Seaquarium Water Park is the place where you will take a walk underwater among tropical fish and corals, you will have an underwater walk.

A unique excursion where you will know the Caribbean, you will experience an incredible underwater walk, you will have an encounter with sea lions in the water park.

It is a unique experience where you can dive even if you don’t know how to do it and it has a super beautiful view, everyone who has visited it only talks about how beautiful it is.

To be a half day excursion, quality price very good. Dolphins, mantas and sharks are still an attraction for which the visitor pays to bathe with them.

You can go as a family, with your children, to experience this natural beauty with a very diverse and wonderful marine fauna.

Nice parties are held on the catamaran, you can snorkel, dive and swim if you want to do it and coming here is highly recommended.

According to the visitors, it is an excellent excursion, very complete, the underwater walk is unmatched, there are activities where no other part of the country can see it.

They are pioneers in this, in addition to the open bar, the interaction with the sea lion and the party in the natural pool is a very good experience.

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How to get to Seaquarium Water Park:


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