Punta El Puntón, La Romana!

Punta El Puntón in a point located in La Romana, east of the Dominican Republic and has different attractions to those seen in other parts of the world.

It should be noted that this beautiful place of rocks and crystal clear waters is a paradise for beautiful photos and perfect for meditating and living a unique experience.

You must explore this place with comfortable and safe shoes. However, the amount of fossils and volcanic impressions that can be observed makes up for the inconvenience of walking on a difficult surface.

To get to this place you must walk a few meters, but when you arrive and manage to explore everything it offers, you will quench that thirst for knowledge that you did not know you had.

In its surroundings you will find hotels, bars, restaurants and everything you want for total enjoyment, in this place you will experience a pleasant and unforgettable stay for all that this place offers you.

In Punta El Puntón is a beautiful market square, surprisingly many architectural curiosities that fill with curiosity as to how this place can have all this.

This beautiful place is incredible for its great attributes and the best thing is that you can capture in photos and videos those unforgettable moments that you can live there.

We must not wait any longer to come to know and experience new adventures and everything that life offers us and we do not open ourselves to explore everything we have.

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How to get to Punta El Puntón:

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