La Vacama Beach!

La Vacama beach is characterized by the tranquility it exhibits and by the different blue tones of its crystal clear waters and white sand.

If you visit La Vacama you will feel the desire to contemplate its surroundings, as it is composed of a large number of coconut trees that gives a unique tropical atmosphere to its surroundings. You will be sure that you will find an environment to relax with the sound of the waves.

To get to the resort is very interesting, since you pass through some communities where its inhabitants are friendly and interested in knowing this beautiful beach, you know its surroundings but at the same time the meaning of life with the treatment you had with its people. La Vacama Beach in the same way, before arriving you will find green mountains and country houses painted with bright colors, which seem to have been taken from a country painting.

When some of its inhabitants were questioned as to why the name La Vacama, they said they did not know the history, but they are aware that the beauty of this beach is unique and you will only be able to realize it when you visit it. The surroundings of La Vacama have not been affected by the tourist development that the area of ​​Bávaro, Uvero Alto and Punta Cana has experienced, so it is recommended that you know it for the serenity it exhibits, so far.

The gentle breeze from its surroundings invites you to close your eyes and feel very close to paradise. Many have chosen to stay longer in order to contemplate more this warm Eden, be it alone, with a partner, family or friends. Enjoy this beautiful place is free, you just have to have availability and the passion to know.

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