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kitesurfing in Punta Cana

Kitesurfing in Punta Cana, if you want to escape the monotonous and experience something different, the best place to do it is Punta Cana, a kite area far from mass tourism. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the landscape is wonderful with its beautiful beaches, green mountains and waterfalls.

In the Punta Cana region, at the eastern end of the island, you will find the Kitesurfing Punta Cana – KBS School. It is one of the best addresses in the place and is praised by travelers. The school is located on a lagoon, which is protected by a reef, and offers the perfect conditions for all skill levels.

The east of the island is quite windy in the summer, but in the region around Punta Cana there are enough thermals in summer for the kite. That is why you can call Punta Cana or Uvero Alto surf spot for expert advice on the region.

Practice on the beach before hitting the water, where your guide will be there to help you along the way. Enjoy personalized attention from your private instructor and the use of all necessary equipment, including the small surfboard or kiteboard (similar to a wakeboard) that will help you harness the force of the wind as you propel yourself over the waves.

You will have the opportunity to rest after a few hours of kitesurfing, where you can relax on the beach before returning to the water to finish your private class.

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