Guama Lagoon, Punta Cana!

Guama Lagoon is one of the most spectacular lagoons that can be seen in the entire country. Its crystal clear waters are a refreshing dip in the relentless heat of Punta Cana.

A very good place and a beautiful environment to be in the water is most of the time cold, but you get used to it fast there are turtles and fish, ducks and harmless animals, and also a platform with which you can jump into the water.

Guama Lagoon is a wonderful paradise with affordable access and with exquisite crystal clear waters, when you enter the water you fall in love and do not want to leave.

It is super quiet to relax and to share with your family and friends, its waters are pure and beautiful for swimming, without a doubt the best place in Punta Cana.

To access with the best care, you only have to pay reasonable prices and they supply you with protectors and make you spend an unforgettable day.

If you do not know about this place you should do it as soon as possible, it is one of those great places that you will love from the moment you see it and immerse yourself.

Beautiful forest, perfect greenery and crystal clear waters make a wonderful contrast where you can breathe fresh air and spend perfect moments.

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How to get to Laguna Guama:


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