Emerald coast beach, beautiful place!

Emerald coast beach, beautiful place!

Playa Costa Esmeralda is located near Miches and Playa El Limón, this interesting beach is not well known and therefore is almost completely virgin.

The journey to get there is long and it is one of the favorites by the locals and those who visit it are impressed by how beautiful it is.

You can enjoy some of the best sunsets in the Dominican Republic can be seen here, in the middle of its turquoise waters and huge coconut trees.

For a great stay you can camp for the more adventurous or stay in the town of Miches or neighboring towns if you do not want to make the entire return trip to Punta Cana.

This beach has one of the most interesting attributes of diversity of attractions in the area, with its tranquility you can meditate and throw off the stress caused by the monotony of such a fast life in which we live.

Near the beach you can stay in hotels and lodgings at very good prices and the most beautiful thing is that its people are very nice and hospitable.

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How to get to Emerald coast beach:


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