El Cortecito Beach, A beautiful place!

El Cortecito Beach A lively and colorful beach, full of a variety of excellent seafood and international restaurants, bars and art and craft stands. Part of Bavaro’s main beach, the wide white sands of Playa are ideal for swimming, standing and kayaking or just relaxing in the sun.

A lively and colorful beach lined with international food and seafood restaurants, souvenir shops, crafts and bars. El Cortecito is part of Bávaro Beach, and its wide stretch of white sand is ideal for swimming, kayaking or paddle boarding, or simply sunbathing. Walking along this beach is a wonderful walk with multiple optional stops for cocktails, where you can see and meet people.

The main characteristic for which this town is distinguished and therefore El Cortecito Beach, is that there are a large number of commercial and entertainment establishments, which provide a very active environment during the day and night.

You can then find bars and discos, pizzerias, as well as all kinds of restaurants and even beach bars around the beach.

El Cortecito Beach has become a perfect place to relax under the Dominican sun, the beach is bathed by the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea and the spectacular people that live in that area. See more about Punta Cana, Click Here!

On foot, it’s a wonderful stretch for a pleasant walk, with several optional cocktail breaks, where you’ll probably make new friends along the way.


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