Chavón River, an iconic place in La Romana!

Chavón River is a river located in the east of the Dominican Republic. Its best view is obtained from the town called Altos de Chavón.

The history of this river contains extremely interesting passages; from the origin of its name, possible corruption of the Taíno name “Bomana”, to its use by well-known pirates to hide treasures, passing through its use since colonial times to transport the precious woods that were cut in the forests of its basin.

At present the mouth of the river is dominated by the town of Altos de Chavón and at its exit the spectacular Casa de Campo marina is located. After the river dam located on the bridge that crosses it, we find a tropical space that can be visited in pleasant boats that transport tourists who want to enjoy the calm waters.

It is a quite mighty river that rises in the interior of the country to flow into the Caribbean Sea on the outskirts of the city of La Romana.

This meandering body of water joins the sea near the town of Altos de Chavón until it reaches the Marina of Casa de Campo, positioning it in an even more beautiful enclave.

Speedboat, kayak, and canoe tours are available year-round to experience this spectacular jungle river landscape up close. If you are lucky, you will see freshwater turtles.

It is a delight to take a look at the dramatic gorge of Chavón River, flanked by cliffs and green vegetation, and you will quickly understand why this site has been featured in Hollywood movies such as:
Apocalypse Now
Jurassic Park

Very beautiful river, which passes through the exclusive Casa de Campo in La Romana and the emblematic Altos de Chavón. In the area there are important jewelry stores, restaurants and one of the important design and art schools in Latin America. It has an impressive view from the Altos de Chavón church.

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How to get to Chavón River:


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