Carlyle Cove, it amazes you with its beauty!

Carlyle Cove is a wonderful cove with the most beautiful waters in the Caribbean with a wonderful shine that will impact you just by seeing it, it is located east of the Dominican Republic in Miches.

This beach is part of the interesting attractions that the eastern part of the island has and has a perfect greenness of its rich flora where combined the blue of its waters give perfection to our nature.

Part of the interesting thing about the beach is that you can go with your friends, family or with your partner to enjoy the tranquility and beauty that it offers us.

When you go, keep in mind that you will be calm since it is not a very crowded area, it is a positive point for those who love peace and this is the ideal place for that.

You can practice beach volleyball, snorkel, walk, run and the most interesting thing is that children can play on its shores since it is not deep and makes your stay an interesting day.

It is advisable that you collect the waste that you produce so that you contribute to good habits by doing the right things.

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How to get to Carlyle Cove:


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