Caleta Beach, beautiful place in La Romana!

Caleta Beach is a wonder located south of La Romana with great attributes and options to enjoy with the family or alone, it is the ideal place to meditate.

It is a very quiet beach and you can see the strong waves as the hours go up, but on the shores, the whole family can enjoy it to the fullest without any problem.

Very promising place, some details are missing but it is improving every day, in any case it is a good time and safely.

There are areas with stones on the beach. You should go with tennis shoes, but walk a little where there are no stones, but in general the place is very pleasant.

There are many things you can do in this paradise, from playing with your children, being romantic with your partner, to meditating and finding yourself again, it is without a doubt the right place.

You can find various restaurants and entertainment venues where you can access and have the drink you want and dance to the rhythms that characterize us.

It is the ideal place to vacation, if you come from far and very close to there you can find very comfortable hotels at affordable prices and with very good service.

Come to enjoy and explore the eastern part of the Dominican Republic to know the beach with its great attractions and without a doubt it is perfect to enjoy if you want to.

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How to get to Caleta Beach:


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