Arriba Beach, beautiful beach of Miches!

Arriba Beach is an interesting beach in Miches, due to the beauty of its environment it is an essential part of the best stays you can have.

Excellent place to vacation and have fun, cozy place to visit with family, with your partner, with a group of friends or just to observe the extraordinary landscape. Simply beautiful.

Just a few minutes from the beach you will find a freshwater river that increases the attractiveness of the place, it is wonderful how in one place you can see and enjoy fresh and salt water.

You can enjoy with your family without fear of the bustle of conventional places and it is a positive point to make your day unforgettable and interesting.

The exquisite tastes for nature you develop with each visit to places like this and many more that the Dominican Republic has, the people who live near the place are hospitable and friendly.

You will find restaurants with very good prices so that you can enjoy a delicious fish or any national or international dish that you want to taste, it is simply the ideal place for an unforgettable day.

Expectations exceed what is said about it, without a doubt it is the widest and richest beach in the eastern part of the island.

Knowing about places like this is vital for you to have good experiences in the time that we last in this land, you must start coming to places like this beach and many others that our country has.

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How to get to Arriba Beach:


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