Arena Gorda Beach, Bavaro!

Arena Gorda Beach has white sands and beautiful views, you can see a beautiful sunrise from this wonderful place, it is located in Bávaro Punta Cana, it is a wonder of nature.

It is among the most beautiful coastlines in the world and one of the dream places for lovers of tranquility and peace that permeates the beautiful beach.

If what you want is to meditate you can do it, go as a family or with your children you can also do it and even more so if you want to go alone and enjoy the cultural diversity and beauty of the place you can do it.

Excellent place to take a break in company or alone if you wish, simply spectacular place to find full happiness, it is the place where all the lover of good things must come.

It is a paradise with many attractions for enjoyment and relaxation of the senses that every human being needs to vote for the stress of daily life.

The beach has great attractions and is also a super clean, you can find visitors from many parts of the world.

From the moment you see its waters, it invites you to bathe and meditate in its clear and soft sand, without a doubt the ideal place to reconnect with yourself and rest.

When you frequent the eastern part of the Dominican Republic and want a place to rest, enjoy and vote the stress of monotony this is the place.

You can run on the shore of the ocean, dance with a gentle breeze that caresses your body and its waters that give a rich massage, come and enjoy what Mother Nature gives us.

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How to get to Playa Arena Gorda, Bávaro:


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