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The Hoyo Claro Nature Reserve

The Hoyo Claro Nature Reserve is a beautiful place. The Dominican Republic is a country with many natural attractions that are suitable for the delight of visitors due to the beauty they contain, making both nationals and foreigners fall in love.

Located in Punta Cana, the Hoyo Claro Natural Reserve is a site that can be enjoyed by everyone, for a minimal cost of access, since it is located on private property. The spectacular lagoon has some trunks -perhaps dragged by a storm- that gives it a very interesting touch, @AquamanRD told us, who recommends going when the day is sunny and also bring repellents.

Each province has one or several places of recreation that characterize them, but the eastern zone and specifically Punta Cana has taken the best part, since it is recognized worldwide for having several tourist attractions, not only sun and beach.

One of them, and not so well known, is the Hoyo Claro Natural Monument, located on the Verón-Punta Cana highway. An ecosystem of wetlands that houses a semi-humid tropical forest. The monument encompasses an area with lagoons, bulrush meadows and cana palm forests that is located on the coastal plain of the aforementioned region and has an extensive swamp.

Among the wetlands, the Hoyo Claro Lagoon is one of the most important within this system. It also includes a part of La Jarda (a) limestone cliff where caves abound. In the upper part of this formation is one of the few remains of the primary forest in the eastern part of the island.

To access it, the entrance does not have identification but in a booth of the Ministry of the Environment, which is located nearby, you can request the necessary information. Another point in favor of knowing this precious lake is that it is located on private property and to enter the property the cost is minimal, according to AquamanRD, a visitor to the aforementioned place.

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How to get to Hoyo Claro Nature Reserve: CLICK HERE!

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