Nirvana Beach, a beautiful place that few know!

Nirvana Beach is a beautiful beach outside of the hotel complexes where you can find many local shops and small restaurants on the beach, it is a very colorful and beautiful place.

Very close to the beach you can see commercial premises where you can enjoy its people and the good service that characterizes them.

On its shore you will see coconut palm areas where it can serve as shade and complement for a good photo and a video of the spectacular experience.

Nirvana Beach is not very well known and therefore it is still super beautiful and almost virgin, it is the right place to disconnect from problems.

The place is characterized by how colorful it is in the variety of services that you can find, if you want to taste any local or international dish in that place you will find it.

If you visit it in the company of your family and friends and want to dance the rich music of merengue, bachata, salsa and other genres, you can also do it.

Without a doubt it is the favorite place for the enjoyment of your senses and your soul, come in groups, with your partner or alone because you are going to enjoy anyway.

The enjoyment is guaranteed, if you want to ride a catamaran, boats, if you want to snorkel or swim, this is the right place for that.

But also if you want to find yourself and meditate you can walk along the beach and do it without any problem.

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How to get to Nirvana Beach:


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