Magallanes Beach in Bayahibe!

Magallanes Beach is located in Bayahibe, which in turn belongs to the Altagracia Province in the eastern region of the Dominican Republic.

It is a good beach with crystal clear waters, due to the diversity it is a dream place for those who practice fishing. The coast of the beach is very clean and is made up mostly of fine white sand, but in some segments we can find a high amount of rocks and even no sand.

Already immersed in the water you will find abundant algae and different marine species, some very beautiful segments and only with sand, others not so much and made up of strong stones, urchins, among other things that are not so positive, but that do not take away their attractiveness.

Its waves are strong in the late afternoon, it is advisable to be careful with children, but it has spectacular places to the delight of the whole family.

Although it is calm for most of the day, the swell is not so strong, although there are many rocks, it is usually much quieter than other beaches in its surroundings.

The road is not completely paved but it is easy to get there and there is space to put vehicles, it is the place of escape for those who like tranquility and when other nearby beaches are very crowded, more people come to this beautiful beach.

It is a small public beach that people do not know about and there are not many bathers and it is very comfortable, a few meters from colorful fish snorkeling.

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How to get to Magallanes Beach:


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