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La Vacama Beach, a paradise in the east of the country!

La Vacama Beach is characterized by the tranquility it exhibits and above all by the different shades of blue of its waters. If you visit Lava Cama you will feel the desire to contemplate its surroundings, as it is made up of a large number of coconut trees that gives a unique tropical atmosphere to its surroundings.

Because this beach is very distant from the small community of Nisibón and more than 45 minutes from Higüey, by car, you are sure that you will find an environment to relax with the sound of the waves.

The journey to this spa is extremely interesting, as you pass through some communities where their inhabitants are friendly and interested in getting to know this beautiful beach. Also, before arriving you will find green mountains and humble country houses painted with bright colors, which seem to have been taken from country postcards.

When some of its inhabitants were questioned about the reason for the name of Lava Cama, they said they did not know the story, but they are aware that the beauty of this beach is unique and you will only be able to realize it when you visit it. The surroundings of Lava Cama have not been touched by the tourist development that the Bávaro, Uvero Alto and Punta Cana areas have experienced, so it is recommended that you get to know it for the serenity it exhibits, until now.

The fresh wind of its surroundings leaves you no choice but to close your eyes and feel very close to paradise. Many have chosen to stay longer in order to contemplate more of this warm Eden, whether alone, with a partner, family or friends. Given this possibility, the closest to the beach is the small hotel complex called Rancho Mar Taíno, a very typical place, where they allow you to stay longer for a very reasonable price.

There are about seven double and triple rooms in which its main attraction is to see the blue of La Vacama beach almost in front of you, since it is only a few meters away. The town of Nisibón. Among the places closest to the beach is Laguna de Nisibón, which is an agricultural community and bears this name because long ago it had large lagoons. In fact, it is where its current urban center is located, since there were large ponds.

Laguna de Nisibón has about 10 thousand inhabitants. It enjoys the privilege of grouping important economic lines, such as livestock and agriculture.

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How to get to La Vacama Beach: CLICK HERE!


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