Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve!

The Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve is classified as a transitional subtropical forest because it is mixed between vegetation and fauna of humid and dry areas.

Visiting this beautiful sanctuary is a delight for our senses, it has the most beautiful views of the Dominican Republic, you can come with your family or alone to explore the wonders that Mother Nature gives us.

Within the reserve there are more than 500 species of plants, 36% of which are endemic to the Dominican Republic. It has been called the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve, since nearby findings indicate that they were lands inhabited by the indigenous people, the first inhabitants of the island.

Inside, you can see a great variety of species of Flora and Fauna, as well as 12 springs (lagoons) formed by the flowering of the Yauya underground river, due to the geological characteristics of the place.

Most of these lagoons have been named after words used by the Taínos, the first settlers of the island and extinct during the conquest and colonization by the Europeans.

In these water holes you can see Tilapias (introduced by man), shrimp and hicoteas (Freshwater Turtles), this place is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful private paradises in the Caribbean.

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How to get to the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve:


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