Hicaco Point, a beautiful paradise!

Hicaco Point is located in Miches in the east of the Dominican Republic with great attributes and with many beautiful resources.

If you fancy an adventure, you have to go there, the road is adventurous and you need at least an SUV or ATV to get there, but when you are there, the beach is yours alone.

It is simply beautiful there, it has one of the most beautiful views of the existing beaches in the Caribbean, it is an extremely perfect place to make your stay the best experience.

A beautiful place, where excursions are made on horseback and ATVs, a long stretch of beach, without buildings.

Visitors and locals come for picnics, but there are few due to the difficulties of the roads, the sand is beautiful yellow.

An ideal beach untouched by man, very beautiful, the only thing that is difficult is to get there, but once you are there it is a place of dreams.

If you are interested in disconnecting from the monotony and daily stress, it is the ideal and favorite place for the total enjoyment of all your senses.

The people who have had the opportunity to come to this beautiful paradise have given very good references that make us want to visit it.

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How to get to Hicaco Point:


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