Doña Matilde Beach, Bavaro!

Doña Matilde Beach is one of the most beautiful private paradises in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic, it is a very safe and interesting place to disconnect from stress.

It is the ideal place to relax, with its natural beauty and the decency of the people who frequent it, make your stay an incredible experience.

The cleanliness that this complex has is incredibly beautiful, from its streets to access to when you manage to get to the beach.

This beach has unique characteristics since it is one of the quietest in the Caribbean and it is incredible how we can disconnect and enjoy it to the fullest.

It is located in the middle of two hotel complexes, on the banks you can see kiosks sheltered in very private palms for your perfect stay.

The eastern part of the Dominican Republic has so many attractions that it fills us with great satisfaction and knowing new places is part of the attraction of our existence.

You can walk along the shore of the beach, it is a very well-kept place and you meet people from all over the world.

The service is phenomenal, you can record the contrast of colors and cultures that make this place a unique paradise and the photos come out beautiful.

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How to get to Doña Matilde Beach:


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