Contributions of the PuntaCana Group in DR!

PuntaCana Group, it is incredible to see all the contributions for many years that have been adding to the growth of tourism and to see PuntaCana as an independent place in the Dominican Republic.

From giving it the name of Punta Cana with the added value it has for its contributions to our economy and showing the beauty of the island to changing lives with educational and medical institutions, the contribution to the environment and many economic sources.

Within the PuntaCana Group you will find a number of attractions with the best hotels and villas including the best services and the best 5-star accommodations in our beautiful country.

Caring for the environment has been an added value to the commitment that this corporation led by Mr. Frank Rainieri and his family assumed to change the world from this piece of land, giving examples with their actions and the visible significant change that this area has.

Its positioning as a destination for tourism and real estate investment is demonstrated with more than US $ 2,600 million in hotel projects, apartments, squares, entertainment centers, universities, schools and in 26 residential areas and they are contributions to Punta Cana.

For lovers of water, land and air sports, this is the perfect place, as it has sports clubs with trained instructors and a lot of credibility with the best equipped places in the area.

Thousands of lives changed and millions of experiences provided to the millions of foreign and local tourists who have enjoyed all the attributes of the complexes and areas that belong to the Punta Cana Group and the international and national repercussion to be a benchmark of good service and one of the best areas in the Caribbean.

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